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Artificial intelligence for better drug knowledge 

Unprecedented Availability
Uncompromising Reliability

DrugTracker's technology integrates the links between different regulatory sources and gives you a complete picture of a drug.


Go beyond a traditional scientific search by accessing decision history, and filter your searches by evaluation criteria, procedure types, orphan status, early access, public health interest, years, etc.


You simply have the relevant information to build winning strategies and comprehensive researches without blind spots.

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DrugTracker aggregates and chains all available regulatory information on a product.

Gathering data from :





- ClinicalTrial Gov

- LegiFrance

- and more to come...

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Data science foundation, artificial intelligence acceleration

We take advantage of recent advances of AI in natural language processing to automatically structure data. We leverage it with new analysis methods at the crossroads of machine learning and big data to provide the most relevant answer to users. 

Interoperability in action

We are convinced that the lack of structure and interoperability between and within systems is a major challenge for healthcare data. DrugTracker allows you to export any data in .csv format for analysis in your software after a massive structuring phase performed by our R&D team.

Web-based platform

Available anytime, anywhere, directly online on your computer/phone. 

User-friendly visualisation

By combining simple functionalities and aesthetic design, DrugTracker offers significant time savings in data research and analysis.

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All data is implemented into on our cloud 24 hours after publication online.



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