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EEA-based consulting

NETIS AI goes beyond traditional consulting engagements by using its platform to generate Evidence, Experience to enhance performance and Academic excellence to maximize results.
EEA: Evidence, Experience and Academic excellence

"At the core of all our consulting solutions, NETIS AI offers a data-driven approach and differentiates itself through its strategic understanding of every decision you make."

Corporate strategy,  commercialization

- Opportunity assessment

- Strategic planning

- Innovative benchmark

- Data strategy

- Product launch

- Competitive simulation

- Stakeholders mapping

- Performance monitoring

Access, value, pricing

- Landscape assessment
- Target Product Profile (TPP)

- Payer value story

- Pricing and Reimbursement strategy
- French reimbursement dossier

- French pricing  dossier
- French price negotiation

- Innovative and managed entry agreement

Data science

- Pipeline outcomes modeling

- Market access scenario assessment

- Life cycle management simulation

- Data extraction from Drugtracker's database

 - Tailored analytical models

- Machine learning and artificial intelligence implementation strategy

Advocacy, public affairs

- New or retrospective public policies impact modeling

- Whitepaper redaction

- Position paper writting

- Organisation of contradictory debates

- Validity assessment of the argument based on the latest data and academic evidence

- Best-in class academic researchers board

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